Make Friends While Traveling Solo: Top Tips

Traveling by yourself can bring a lot of joy, but it’s not always easy to make friends. This article shares tricks to help you face this challenge. You’ll get advice on how to make real connections while seeing the world on your own. From choosing where you stay to which activities to join, we’ll cover ways to make your trip more social and memorable.

Key Takeaways

  • Staying in hostels is a great way to meet fellow solo travelers who are open to socializing.
  • Participating in group activities, such as day tours and excursions, can introduce you to like-minded individuals.
  • Being approachable and friendly can make it easier for others to engage with you while traveling solo.
  • Leveraging social media and online communities can help you connect with potential travel buddies.
  • Maintaining an open and positive attitude can lead to spontaneous friendships during your solo adventures.

Stay in a Hostel: The Ultimate Friendship Hub

Traveling solo can lead to new connections and friendships. Hostels are great for solo explorers. They offer shared spaces where you can easily meet like-minded people.

Why Hostels are Perfect for Meeting New People

Hostels host a mix of solo travelers with their unique stories. Dorm rooms and common areas in hostels promote friendship. This makes chatting and making new friends simple. You can talk about travel stories, enjoy meals together, or play games.

Tips for Making Friends in Hostel Dorms and Common Areas

  • Introduce yourself and talk to your dorm mates. You might discover shared interests.
  • Spend time in the hostel’s common areas to meet other travelers.
  • Join hostel activities like group dinners or tours to socialize more.
  • Stay open and friendly. A simple smile and chat readiness can help you in hostels.

Being open to hostel life can make solo traveling fun. With new friends, your adventures can be more enriching. This is the beauty of staying in a hostel.

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Initiate Conversation with Icebreaker Phrases

Making the first move can be scary, especially if you’re alone. By knowing a couple of conversation starters for solo travelers, you’ll find it easier. Questions like “Where are you from?” or “How long have you been on the road?” can start fun talks. This way, you can meet new people with ease.

Using icebreaker phrases for solo travelers is a great way to connect with other solo adventurers. It helps you feel more at ease while on your trip.

Powerful Conversation Starters for Solo Travelers

Here are a few icebreaker phrases for solo travelers to try:

  • “I noticed you’re also traveling solo. Where are you from?”
  • “What brought you to this city/country?”
  • “How has your trip been so far? Anything you’d recommend?”
  • “I’m planning to visit [nearby attraction]. Have you been there?”
  • “Where are you headed next on your trip?”

How to Make Friends While Traveling Solo

Starting conversations and making friends as a solo traveler can be great. If you want to meet other solo adventurers, follow these tips:

  1. Start with a smile and eye contact. It’s a friendly way to meet new people.
  2. Ask about the other person’s travels with questions that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no.
  3. Notice something cool about them, whether it’s how they look or what they’ve done.
  4. Share your travel stories. It’s a good way to connect.
  5. Propose getting food or checking out a local spot together.

With these socializing tips for solo adventurers, introducing yourself and making friends while alone is easier. It makes your journey more memorable with new friends along the way.

Conversation starters for solo travelers

Leverage the Power of Being a Solo Traveler

Traveling alone makes you seem more friendly. You don’t have a group around you. So, solo travelers usually look open and welcoming. This makes it simple for others to start a chat with you. Being a solo traveler boosts your confidence. It helps you make real connections with people you meet while traveling.

Why Solo Travelers are More Approachable

Traveling solo lets you connect with more people. You’re on your own, so you’re more approachable and open to talk. Without a friend to distract you, you might chat more with folks you meet. This could lead to amazing experiences, new friends, and a better feel for the places you visit.

Solos often show lots of confidence and independence. This can attract others to you. By embracing being solo, you build real connections on your adventures.

Solo travel confidence

“Traveling solo has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and engage with strangers in a way I never would have as part of a group. I’ve made some of my closest friends from chance encounters while exploring a new city on my own.”

Going solo is about more than saving money and freedom. It lets you find special social chances. These can make your travel richer in ways you might not expect.

Join Group Tours and Activities

Booking group tours and activities is great for solo travelers. You’ll dive into local culture and sights. Plus, you’ll find yourself with others who love adventure. This often leads to making new friends. You bond over what you see and do together.

Benefits of Booking Day Tours and Excursions

Joining group tours for solo travelers has many pluses. You get to do day trips and excursions for solo travelers while meeting others like you. These experiences make it easy to connect with people. They help create a strong sense of sharing moments and forming bonds.

  • Immerse yourself in local culture and attractions with the guidance of a knowledgeable tour guide.
  • Enjoy the convenience of pre-planned logistics, transportation, and itinerary, leaving you free to focus on the experience.
  • Engage in conversations and activities with fellow solo travelers, increasing the chances of forming new friendships.
  • Gain unique insights and perspectives from your travel companions, enhancing your overall understanding of the destination.
  • Feel a greater sense of safety and security when exploring a new place as part of a group.

If you’re looking to connect with others, group tours for solo travelers are a good start. Go with well-known companies like G Adventures. Also, look at places like Airbnb Experiences and Viator for options.

group tours for solo travelers

“The most meaningful friendships I’ve made while traveling solo have been during multi-day group tours. The shared experiences and camaraderie created an instant connection with my fellow travelers.”

Spend Time in Common Areas

Do you love meeting new people when you travel? Spending time in shared areas is key. Imagine sitting in a hotel lobby, joining a group in a hostel’s common room, or enjoying a coffee at a cafe. These places make it easy to start conversations and make friends.

By being open to meeting others, you can turn your solo trip into a social adventure. Little things like talking to fellow travelers, joining group activities, or smiling at someone make a big difference. These actions help you form strong bonds with people you meet along the way.

In these spots, staying open and friendly is important. Talking in shared areas or at cafés can help you find people who share your interests. You might swap travel tips or make friends for life. Remember, friends from lobbies or new people in shared places can surprise you anytime. Always be open to these moments.

“I met one of my best friends in travel at a hostel’s bar. We both love photography, and that’s how our friendship began!”

By socializing in hostel common areas and being active, you not only make your travels better but also create lasting friendships. These connections can really add value to your trip and life afterward.

socializing in hostel common areas

Consider Joining a Tour Group

Being on your own doesn’t mean you can’t make friends. Joining an organized tour group is a great way to do it. These groups bring together people with similar interests. They allow you to meet others easily and share your travel adventures. Tour groups help you explore places. Plus, they offer a support system for those traveling alone. You get to enjoy group travel while keeping the freedom of going solo.

Advantages of Traveling with a Pre-Formed Group

Traveling solo with a tour group has many benefits:

  • You immediately connect with others who enjoy the same type of travel
  • You have a ready-made group to share your trip with, making it more fun
  • A local guide helps you see the best of a location, avoiding missed opportunities
  • All the trip planning is done for you, letting you just relax and enjoy
  • You can make new friends and maybe find travel buddies even if you’re on your own

More and more people are choosing to travel solo, according to research. By joining a group, you not only visit places but also find friends. This is a key advantage of traveling in a tour group for solo travelers.

group tours for solo travelers

“Joining a tour group as a solo traveler was one of the best decisions I made. Not only did I get to explore new places, but I also made some amazing friends along the way. The group dynamic really enhanced my overall travel experience.”

If making friends on your solo trip is important, think about joining a tour group. You’ll find easy ways to connect and share your journey with others. It could really change your travel experience.

Partake in Pub Crawls

Joining a pub crawl is great for solo travelers who love being around people. These events take you to different bars where you can meet other travelers. It’s a fun way to talk to people you might get along with. You might even find someone to explore the local nightlife with.

Tips for Making Friends on Pub Crawls

Here are some tips for making friends on pub crawls:

  1. Don’t be shy to start a chat with others. Pub crawls are meant for meeting new people, so say hi. You’ll be surprised how open everyone is.
  2. Take part in the games and activities. It’s a fun way to know more people and have a laugh together.
  3. Buy a round of drinks for your new friends. It’s a nice and easy way to connect with others.
  4. Listen and show you care about what they have to say. Asking questions makes it easier to find things you have in common.
  5. Don’t be afraid to join groups of people traveling alone. They might be as eager to make new friends as you are.

To make the most of your pub crawl, stay friendly and open to new experiences. A positive attitude and a bit of courage go a long way in such gatherings. You’ll have a blast and meet interesting people along the way.

pub crawl solo travelers

“Pub crawls are a great way to connect with fellow solo travelers who share your love for lively social experiences and discovering local nightlife.”

By taking part in pub crawls, you can meet new friends, perhaps plan future trips, and have an unforgettable time.

Strike Up Conversations During Transit

Even when traveling alone on planes, trains, or buses, you can make new friends. Talking to your seatmate or others around you can lead to unexpected meetings. This might lead to sharing part of your journey or meeting up later. Being open and friendly changes a moment of solitude into a social opportunity.

Starting a chat with someone is easy. Just ask open-ended questions. A study showed asking these kinds of questions makes you 64% more likely to connect. Here are some ideas to start conversations:

  • “Where are you headed to on this trip?”
  • “Have you been to this destination before? What are some of your must-see spots?”
  • “I couldn’t help but notice your [interesting item]. What brought you to [mode of transportation]?”
  • “I’m trying to pick up some local tips for my visit. Do you have any recommendations for [activity] in the area?”

Don’t shy away from talking to fellow travelers. Being alone can make you more approachable. Also, 72% of people say being positive and friendly helps them make friends when traveling.

However, it’s crucial to respect others’ personal space and think about your safety. Making friends is exciting but always trust your instincts. Stay open and friendly to turn your travel moments into lasting friendships.

Statistic Percentage
Travelers who found it easier to make friends while traveling using online platforms 56%
Travelers who stated that a positive and friendly attitude increased their chances of making friends 72%
Travelers who reported striking up conversations during transit as an effective way to meet new people 48%

“The best way to make friends while traveling solo is to step out of your comfort zone and strike up conversations with fellow passengers. You never know where those connections might lead.”

Take a Class or Workshop

Joining local classes or workshops can help you meet other solo travelers with the same dreams. It could be a cooking lesson, a language class, or an artisan’s workshop. These classes are great for making friends in a relaxed setting. You’ll not just gain new skills but also get to know others who love to learn and explore.

Popular Classes for Meeting Like-Minded Travelers

When you travel alone, you have so many chances to learn. From cooking the local dishes to speaking a new language, the opportunities are endless. These classes are great to share hobbies or interests with new friends. You should try some of these to meet other adventurers:

  • Cooking or baking classes
  • Language lessons
  • Arts and crafts workshops (e.g., pottery, painting, jewelry making)
  • Dance classes (salsa, tango, traditional folk dances)
  • Photography or videography courses
  • Outdoor activities (hiking, rock climbing, surfing)

Participating in these educational experiences can lead to learning new things. You’ll also meet people who are as eager to explore as you are. For a solo traveler, it’s an amazing way to both learn and make friends in a new place.

classes and workshops for solo travelers

“Traveling solo doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Participating in local classes and workshops is a fantastic way to meet people who share your interests and create meaningful connections during your travels.”

Join Online Backpacker Communities

In today’s world, joining online backpacker communities is smart for solo travelers. You can connect before, during, and after your trips. These digital spots, like Facebook groups and Reddit forums, let you chat with others. You can swap travel tips and plan meetups in unknown lands. It’s a great way to start friendships or find travel buddies online.

Popular Platforms for Connecting with Travelers

There are many places online where you can meet fellow adventurers virtually. Let’s look at some top choices:

  • Facebook Groups – In groups like “Backpacking Buddies” and “Solo Female Travelers,” you’ll find people eager to meet up and share advice.
  • Reddit Forums – Subreddits like r/solotravel and r/backpacking give solo travelers a space to plan activities and connect with fellow adventurers.
  • Travel-Specific Apps – GAFFL and Backpackr are two apps that help you link up with other travelers. You can arrange to meet and maybe find a travel buddy to journey with.
  • Couchsurfing – While known for staying with locals, Couchsurfing additionally provides a space for meeting fellow adventurers. You can join in on group plans there too.

Joining these online communities for solo travelers opens up a world of knowledge and connections. Plus, you might just find the perfect travel companions for your trips.

online communities for solo travelers

“Connecting with other solo travelers online has made a big difference for me. I’ve gained some amazing friends and travel buddies in these communities.”

Be Open, Friendly, and Approachable

When traveling alone, being open and friendly is key to making friends. How you carry yourself matters a lot. People are more likely to talk to you if you seem warm and inviting. It shows you’re ready for new friendships and interesting chats.

Body Language Tips for Appearing Approachable

Here are some tips to look more approachable as a solo traveler:

  • Stand tall and make eye contact. Stand straight and look people in the eye. This shows you’re open to talking to them.
  • Smile and nod. Smiling and nodding can make you seem friendlier. It helps others feel comfortable starting a conversation with you.
  • Keep your hands relaxed. Don’t cross your arms or fidget too much. It might make you look shy. Keep your hands at your sides or folded gently in front.
  • Engage in open body posture. Always face outwards. Closed-off positions can make people think you’re not interested. Being open sends the message that you’re up for chatting.

Using these tips can really help you make friends while traveling alone. You’ll seem more approachable, leading to great opportunities to meet people.

body language for solo travelers


Solo travel is deeply rewarding. You don’t have to be alone. Using the tips from this article, you can explore the world solo. Along the way, you’ll meet new friends and maybe even future travel partners.

Staying in hostels and taking group tours are great ways to connect with others. Don’t forget the power of online communities. These are valuable resources for solo travelers.

Remember to stay adventurous and open to new things. An unforgettable solo journey awaits you, full of new friends. Step out of your comfort zone. Be ready to start conversations and show your friendly side.

With just a little effort and open-mindedness, you can build lasting friendships. These connections will turn into memories that you treasure forever.

After all, solo travel isn’t just about visiting new places alone. It’s about the amazing people you meet and the experiences you share with them. So, don’t wait. Start planning your next solo trip. You’ll be amazed at the friends you make along the way.


What are the benefits of staying in a hostel when traveling solo?

Hostels are perfect for solo travelers wanting to meet others. They offer shared living spaces and vibrant common areas. These make it easy to chat and make new friends.

What are some effective icebreaker phrases to start conversations with fellow solo travelers?

Starting with simple questions like “Where are you from?” is a great idea. You can also ask “How long have you been traveling?” They often lead to fun talks and new friendships. These questions are easy ways to get to know people.

How can solo travelers leverage the power of being approachable?

Traveling alone can make you more approachable to others. It’s easier to talk to someone who isn’t in a big group. Being confident and open helps you make friends easily. It’s all about the vibe you give off.

What are the benefits of joining a group tour or activity as a solo traveler?

Group tours are a great way to meet others while exploring. They allow you to dive into local culture with people who share your love for adventure. These shared experiences often lead to making new friends.

How can spending time in shared public areas help solo travelers make new friends?

Being in places where many people gather improves your chances of meeting someone. Communal areas are perfect for conversations that might lead to friendship. Just being open to talking can lead to great talks and new friends. It’s about being in the right place at the right time.

What are the advantages of joining an organized tour group as a solo traveler?

Tour groups connect you with people who seek the same kind of adventure. They turn exploring into a shared experience and offer a support system. Joining these tours lets you keep your freedom while enjoying the benefits of a group.

How can solo travelers make friends during pub crawls?

If you like a good party, pub crawls can be ideal. They bring together all kinds of travelers for some fun bar hopping. It’s a social event perfect for meeting new friends and maybe even travel buddies.

What are the benefits of taking a class or workshop as a solo traveler?

Learning in local classes or workshops is great for meeting people with similar interests. These activities are a bonding ground for solo travelers. You not only gain new skills but also meaningful connections with others who are as curious as you.

How can online backpacker communities help solo travelers make connections?

Online groups like those on Facebook and Reddit are gold mines for making travel friends. They offer a chance to share tips, plan meetups, and find people to journey with. Engaging in these online spaces before you go can lead to real friendships during your trip.

What are some tips for appearing open and approachable as a solo traveler?

To appear approachable, keep a positive and welcoming stance. Your body language and smile can show you’re ready to chat. By looking around and smiling at others, you let them know you’re open for a chat. This attitude can turn any solo adventure into a chance to make lasting friendships.

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